Tips on how to spend an evening in Milan and what events you need to do.

Tips on how to spend an evening in Milan and what events you need to do.

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This city is much more than only fashion and shopping; check all the exciting things you can do below.

Needless to say, the northern Italian city is well known for its trend setting, so a trip if surely worth it for those who are enthusiastic fashionistas. Most famously, it is known for Milan fashion week, where you can watch all the state of the art designs by deluxe brand names and designers. The looks presented at fashion week events actually have a profound effect on the styles in the forthcoming season, and they are attended by countless substantial men and women within the field. Recently, nevertheless, the city has been making a conscious effort to be more environmentally friendly in terms of the fashion that they offer. Individuals like the Fashion for Good owner are helping create more ecologically lasting fashion items, that won’t be harmful to the earth. This involves using materials that are recycled or will be much easier to break down that much more classic fabrics.

If you are a fan of medieval buildings, going to the capital of Lombardy is certainly a must. The cathedral that is set in the city is a beautiful building that motivates many individuals to take a pilgrimage to it, religious or not. Visits like this normally come on top of lists like the best Milan experiences. The cathedral is in the fantastic centre of the city, and best starting point for a stay in there. From the outside, you can admire its window dressing completely made of flawlessly carved stones. Nevertheless, the highlight of the visit is the possibility to go on the terrace of the Cathedral. From up there, the view of the city is breath-taking! You can pick to go there either by stairs or elevator, the second alternative being needless to say a little bit more costly. This is a ideal example of having the ability to view the Milan night sightseeing when the city is gorgeous and lit up. Being in a position to appreciate it from the position point means you can honestly soak in the views. The head of Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomois helping to make a contribution to the repair and maintenance of gorgeous and historic structures such as this.

The northern Italian city is perfect for sports lovers; it is home to all sorts of sports and some very capable sportspeople. It may not be the first destination football fans think of when planning a football trip, but it is undoubtedly worth it. The city of Milan today houses the head office of the city's two football teams and you are able to take a tour of them and stop by the giftshop provided by the AC Milan owner. Another added perk is that when travelling to the top of their infrastructure, you can get a beautiful view of the city, definitely it is worth aiming for that alone. The city is a genuine football city though, one that is serious about the sport and is certainly worth a visit at least once.

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